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3 Effective Maintenance Tips for Your Home

If you’re like most people, your home is your most significant investment. That’s why caring for it is so important. Proper care ensures your home looks amazing, but it also reduces repair bills and other issues that can prove to be a huge hassle.

GR Window Tint & Auto Glass knows that owning a home is a full-time job. Fortunately, we can assist you in lowering energy bills, as well as keeping your home cool and comfortable all year long. To this end, we recommend the following tips.

Have HVAC Equipment Inspected Twice a Year

HVAC equipment is essential in New Mexico, especially during sweltering summer days. That’s why it’s a good day to have a routine inspection twice per year. While New Mexico winters are usually mild, it still helps to have heating equipment checked out to make sure it will be ready on cold nights during the winter months. And when spring rolls around, having your AC equipment checked is a must. If there are any issues they can be repaired immediately, which is much better than experiencing an unexpected break down in the middle of summer.

Maintain Home Siding Correctly

Siding not only boosts curb appeal, it also protects your home from outside elements. Different types of siding require different types of maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum siding need power washed once per year, while accumulating dirt and grime should be scrubbed off as needed. If you have wood siding, it will need to be repainted and re-stained every three to seven years depending on the level of wear. Proper maintenance keeps siding intact, and also spares you expensive replacement until it’s absolutely necessary.

Consider Window Tinting

Much like how intact siding properly insulates your home, so can window tinting. While window tinting is normally associated with vehicles, but it offers many benefits when performed at your home. For instance, it keeps the interior temperate, which prevents wear and tear to home cooling equipment. This can also save you money on utility costs for cooling your home. Tinting can even protect your interiors and furniture, which may get bleached or faded by the sun.

Are you interested in window tinting for your home? If so, GR Window Tint & Auto Glass is here to help. Our tinting service can be applied to home windows, but we also offer tinting services for vehicles, as well as car window and windshield repair. Please call (505) 207-6542for more information on scheduling service Albuquerque.

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