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Tips on Taking Care of Your Home’s Exterior

Your home is where you and your family create lasting memories. It’s also your most significant investment, which means the proper care is crucial. While your responsibilities as a homeowner may seem overwhelming sometimes, the right level of upkeep is crucial.

This is especially true when you have beautiful wood features around your home custom created by Narrow Leaf Woodworks. Our woodworking team is dedicated to quality, whether we’re building a custom gate, deck, or shade structure. We’re also happy to provide advice to Albuquerque homeowners to keep these and other features looking their best.

Schedule a Roof Inspection Once per Year

Your roof is vital for protecting the interior of your home. Roof issues are notorious for causing interior damage when leaks get out of control. And when your roof has deficiencies, you could be faced with increasing utility costs when cooling your home, since equipment will need to work that much harder. Having your roof inspected at least once per year apprises you of any issues before they turn into major catastrophes. Roof inspections can also keep repair costs low, since problems will be addressed before they get any worse.

Remove Clutter from Your Yard

A cluttered yard not only decreases curb appeal, it can also be a haven for pests. Bugs and rodents often seek refuge in lawn clutter, whether that’s grass clippings, tree branches, toys, or lawn care equipment. Store items like toys and lawn care equipment away when they’re not being used. This will also keep these items free from damage. Additionally, make sure any lawn debris is cleaned and discarded immediately.

Perform Regular Maintenance on Wood Features

The hot New Mexico sun can really do a number wood fences, decks, and other fixtures. While wood fixtures are typically sealed against the elements after installation, they will need to be repainted, re-stained, or re-sealed every two years or so. Not only will this protect them from UV rays, it can also ward off water damage by stopping moisture from penetrating wood panels. Wood fixtures also need to be power washed and sanded on occasion. Also, be on the look out for protruding nails and broken hardware.

In addition to our skilled installation of wood gates, decks, pergolas, and many other features, Narrow Leaf Woodworks, we also make sure our customers know the best maintenance practices once the work is complete. We take pride in our work and also want you to experience pride every time you look at your custom wood creation.

Call 505-897-1172 to schedule service at your home. You can also contact us for more information today.

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