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Home Improvement

Moving In to A New Home But CAn’t Afford New Furniture?

Moving into a new home can be stressful enough without having to worry about furnishing the place. The new place is a blessing and you have an amazing vision on how you want the place to look, but there is one small problem, it’s called ‘Budget’. Not having enough money to buy new furniture for your new home is a problem faced by many new home owners and there is no shame in it. Instead of going to IKEA and other big names in the furniture business, saving a lot of money can be done by following the steps of many previous home owners who learned how to fully furnish their homes while working with a tiny budget.

Step 1: The Look You Are Going For

Driving to every used furniture store is not that much fun when you don’t know what you are looking for. You want to buy furniture and that’s obvious but knowing that the look you will go with and the used furniture cannot be different in colors, coordination, and size. Examining your home and measuring how much space you have and what would fit perfectly in it will allow you to choose the right size furniture without having to work with one couch fits all.

Step 2: Mix Up Online & Offline Efforts

Luckily for us there is a great tool to look for used furniture and that is the internet. Looking into websites like Craigslist might lead into you finding the perfect table or couch. Although everything being sold on there is used, you can find $3,000 couches for $300 which is in my book a good deal. Now of course not all your furniture will cost that much but getting a couple of nice couches for a very cheap price can be done to begin building your furniture collection. Instead of spending hours on the internet searching for used couches, find a couple on the internet then start visiting used furniture stores and see what prices are available on furniture sets then individual furniture in that order.

Step 3: Discount Stores and Thrift Stores

Thrift stores don’t always carry the best items, but it’s only because the good stuff get sold the same day it arrives. Visiting a thrift store once a day for a week might end up leading you to an amazing collection of furniture, and for cheap.

Will Renovations Cause a Need to Upgrade the Existing Heating, Plumbing and Electric?

Home renovations often require changes to be made to the existing infrastructure of a home. Updating plumbing and the electrical wiring is common during renovations. Adding a room addition puts an extra burden on the existing utilities already established in the house. There may be a need to update the electrical service entrance, the diameter of the main water line, the furnace and AC and the sewer system.

During renovations that are going to increase the burden on anything from the heating services to the sewer system, it is a good idea to have a professional, like R & R Heating & Air, inspect the performance to discover if there is likely to be any issues. Things in a home such as the electrical service, furnace and air conditioning are designed to accommodate the size of the home and how it was laid out when the systems were originally installed.

Adding on a room, taking out walls or putting new ones up can cause the need to alter everything from the electrical installation layout to the location of vents for the HVAC system. A room addition may add enough square footage that the existing furnace and air conditioning system will not be able to adequately perform.  Having a professional such as Electric, Inc. is essential to have when it comes to additions to a room.

A home that adds on a bathroom may reach a critical point in the need for water volume entering the house as well as wastewater exiting the house. This can cause the need for a larger diameter main water line to be installed to be able to adequately handle the increased demand. Also, a sewer line replacement is not out of the question. An old terracotta sewer line that already has issues may not be able to support the extra volume of wastewater.

When changing the layout of the home, adding on a room or just putting in new electrical or plumbed appliances, be sure the existing systems can handle the increased demand. Be sure the contractor hired to do the work does not just hope or guess that the systems will handle the increased demand. There are mathematical equations that make it easy for a quality contractor to check to see if existing systems will support the new renovations.

Being Energy Efficient in Albuquerque

In today’s world, we all know the importance of being more energy efficient as part of our duty to help protect and preserve the environment. Whether it’s for your home or business, being more energy efficient is everybody’s responsibility. When it comes to being more efficient, there are three aspects of your home and business you should definitely be aware of, including lighting, roofing and pest control. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Improvement – Your Home’s Interior

After years of living in the same home, you’re going to start to see some wear and tear, whether done by time or in the event of water or fire damage from a natural disaster. Or maybe even after years of the same décor, you may just be ready for a change. In both cases, there are many different aspects of your home that you can consider. There are also many different services that can help make every part of your home look like new again. Read the rest of this entry »

Home Improvement – Your Home’s Exterior

Maintaining the exterior of your home can be a full-time job. Landscape work, maintaining the actual exterior of your home, wanting to install something just for fun, or even a home restoration after a natural disaster can all be tough projects to manage. Luckily Albuquerque has many local businesses that can help you with all of the aspects of maintaining the exterior of your home. Read the rest of this entry »