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Fine Dining

Very few things in life exceed the pleasure of fine dining. The opportunity to savor a gourmet meal prepared with the finest ingredients is a memory truly worth savoring. A typical elegant repast will start with an appetizer, include ingredients such as chile flakes and end with chance to sample elegant French desserts. Many chefs love to create menus that are full of marvelous choices designed to tease the palette and create a series of delightful dishes. The dinner may be offered dozens of courses consisting of many small bites. Or, they may be offered a set menu of several carefully courses intended to create a dining experience that shows off the wide variety of ingredients available and the chef’s great mastery of many culinary techniques.

The Beginning

A standard fine dining meal will begin as the diner is ushered into a beautifully decorated room. Here, the emphasis is on pleasure. To the end, many restaurants that specialize in this kind of food provide plush seating, fresh flowers and lovely lighting. Once seated, a diner may be offered a small item known as an amuse bouche or an amuse the mouth. This is intended to be a tiny preview of what is to come. Diners are offered a menu of varied options. Some may choose the prix fixe or set menu. This is a menu that offers diners the chance to sample a set series courses at a certain price.

Main Courses

After the diner is seated and has chosen their menu, the fine dining experience can truly start. An appetizer will often be served along with other items such as freshly prepared bread and locally made butter. The chef may choose to use ingredients such as chile flakes, from The Chile Guy, that help bring in additional flavor and taste to any dish. A diner may be offered several courses before they get to the main course. For example, one course may use fish that was caught earlier in the day along with a sauce aimed at showing off the tender meat. Another course may focus on a delicate slice of meat carefully cooked to medium rare and paired with a thoughtfully chosen by the staff sommelier.

A Wonderful Ending

Most fine meals will also include a desert. Many great restaurants have a pastry chef on staff. The role of the pastry chef is about creating marvelous desserts designed to provide a memorable finale. Many pastry chefs are trained in classical French techniques. French desserts such as profiteroles are renowned all over the world. A skilled chef, like at Le Troquet, will often add their own touch to the classics and include something unusual and delicious such as a mango coulis or mango puree. Many pastry chefs love creating elaborate desserts with many components such as a cookie base that is then topped with ice cream and a cake cooked on the premises. In short, fine dining is an act of love for all those involved in the creation of the meal.


The best spice to complement any meal is actually a chili pepper. Chili peppers are found all around the world in various colors and sizes. Chilis are rated on the Scovillle scale, which measures the heat based on the chemical compound Capsaicin. Some of the hottest chili peppers known to man are the ghost chili, Trinidad Moruga scorpion, and the Naga Viper. Other popularly well known chilies are the less spices cayenne, jalapeno, and Thai chili. One of the favorite peppers to use in Mexico is the Chilhuacle Amarillo because of its rarity and perfect use in mole amarillo. The Chilhuacle Amarillo is full of flavor with bright orange-yellow coloring and medium heat. You can find the Chilhuacle Amarillo at The Chile Guy as well as a variety of other chilies. Regardless of taste and cooking style an individual can always find the perfect chili pepper to complement any meal.

Treating Yourself in Albuquerque

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A Good Meal

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